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    9 AM w/ Merimart

    Merimar Repesa, aka Merimart. Age: 19 Based: P.G. County, Maryland Conceptual Artist Time of Interview: 9:37 a.m. What does your morning routine consist of?  “My morning routine consists of waking up, having my cup of coffee, doing yoga for 20 minutes, showering, eating a plate of cheese eggs and turkey bacon w/ fruit and 1..

    March 24, 2016

    Social Impact of the Week: Good Brothers Solutions Inc.

    Providing solutions for returning citizens and at-risk youth  Youth development since 2012; Workforce Development since 2014 Mock Interviews Completed: 12 – over 50 students Resumes Completed: Over 150 Career Assessments: Over 200 Personality Assessments: Over 50 Learning Style Inventories: Over 50 Good Brothers Solutions is a job training program focused on rehabilitation and readiness.  Opportunities for advancement..

    March 22, 2016